Bereton Electronics Ltd.
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About Us

Bereton Electronics Ltd was formed in December 1990 from an existing partnership trading as Intec Electronics which had been trading for just over a year previously.

The company was started by Mr Chris Beresford and Mr Gerry Cotton. Gerry acting as the Business Director and Chris - who previously worked for the robotics company Unimation - as the Technical Director.

Initially the company’s main customer was Prab Robots Ltd (now called V.A. Technology Ltd) and operated as the repair facility for Prab. At this time most of the work carried out by Bereton was repair work for customers including Unimation and a number of woodworking companies who needed computer controlled machinery repaired.

Other work followed, like consultancy work for a Dutch robotics company De-Haan and design work for Prab. It was because of Chris’s work at Unimation that Bereton was asked by AEA (The Atomic Energy Authority) to work on a control system for a new robot to be used in the decommissioning of nuclear power stations.

Bereton Electronics Ltd now designs and builds all printed circuit boards for V.A. Technology. Other major customers are Horton Automatics, an automatic door company, Easyrise Ltd, a wheelchair manufacturer and Atlas Clinical, a manufacturer of chiropractic beds.

Gerry Cotton retired in 2005 leaving Chris as the sole owner.

Since 2017, the ownership and day-to-day running of Bereton has been gradually passing to Chris’ daughter Ann, who is the current Office Manager and Andrew Laycock, currently Junior Director. Chris is keen to remain involved in design work for as long as possible and always gets excited by the prospect of a new project! Ann and Andrew’s aims are to continue to support and meet the requirements of our existing customers, grow the business and recruit and develop apprentices as our labour needs increase.

When it comes to new product development our customer relationship is extremely important. Though we hope the first design does the job, user experience can highlight some unforeseen issues. We encourage our customers to communicate to us any problems or ideas that they may have so that we can revise and improve designs.