Bereton Electronics Ltd.
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Bereton - UK PCB Designer

At Bereton Electronics we design and produce circuit boards to fulfill your needs. We offer a free initial consultaion to discuss your needs.  Using your direction we can create circuit designs, produce proto-types and populate printed circuit boards. We will also work with you to fix the boards on suitable mountings or in enclosures. As well as hardware we also develop software where appropriate.

For every product we will implement a suitable test procedure and build bespoke test equipment when needed.

We will provide support and will be happy to make any minor alterations you may need as you get feedback from product use.

Our other services include:

Repairs - we are happy to take a look at faulty PCBs and electronic devices.  If we think it is repairable we can source any parts needed and give you a quote.

Soldering - we have experienced and skilled staff who can populate PCBs by hand using through-hole or surface mounting techniques.

Desoldering/Component Recovery - We have the staff and equipment to carefully remove components from PCBs. 

We also sell surplus components and materials on EBay.